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King Floyd’s bitters are handcrafted in small batches.

King Floyd’s Bitters and Salts are handcrafted in small batches. We start the process by sourcing the finest ingredients available. Then we percolate and macerate the freshly ground herbs and spices for up to two months to ensure a robust flavor. We then blend the ingredients and add them to stainless steel tanks with neutral grain spirit, filtered water and let time and nature work its magic. We stir and taste the mixture while it extracts all the essential flavors into the spirit. When the mix has matured to the desired depth of flavor, and its aromas are strong and vibrant, we filter the bitters, and add just the right amount of maple syrup to slightly sweeten the blends before bottling. Here at King Floyd’s we’re obsessed with creating the finest hand crafted bitters in the world.

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Our Bitters

Aromatic Bitters

Aromatc Bitters

King Floyd’s Aromatic Bitters adds depth and character to your favorite cocktails and sauces. The fragrance is full of Anise and Caramel combined with a subtle floral note stemming from the addition of bitter orange and other spices. Beautifully complex flavors of spices such as Cardamom, Anise, and Elderberry rise to greet your senses. As comforting as an Adirondack chair in the shade of a mulberry tree on a summer day... Our take on the classic blend will lift your spirits to new heights.

King Floyd’s Aromatic Bitters are perfectly suited for Whisky and Rum drinks and add structure and complexity to fruity cocktails.

Tasting Notes: Bitter and rich to the taste. Reminiscent of Cacoa, Cardamom, Anise & Ginger.

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King Floyd's Cardamom Bitters

Cardimom Bitters

King Floyd’s Cardamom Bitter has been very well received since introduced to our first loyal “Floydians”.

It’s a heady blend that is the pure essence of the potent spice. Carefully blended to create a perfect balance between the mentholated spicy aroma of cardamom and the fiery flavor profile of ginger root. This is our secret blend, its distinctive flavor, will ignite the creative mixologist in you.

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King Floyd's Orange Bitters

Orange Bitters

King Floyd’s approached this classic Bitter a little differently than our Aromatic and Cardamom Bitters, our Orange Bitter is a wee bit sweeter on the palate. We made our Orange bitter to be zesty and strong with a touch of sweet and mild spice background.

We recommend pairing King Floyd's Orange Bitter with whiskey and rum cocktails or add to an Old Fashioned and your spirits will be lifted. Martini’s, daiquiri’s and margarita’s also benefit from the citrus note a dash or two of our delicious Orange bitter imparts in the cocktail.

Tasting Notes: Zesty and mildly sweet with hints of gingerbread.

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Our Salts

Sea Flake Rim Salt

Sea Flake Rim Salt

King Floyd's Sea Flake Rim Salt is the perfect rimming salt. Only under precise environmental conditions, and with a great deal of time and effort, can one produce a true Fleur de Sel crystal. We source our Sea Flake salt from salt makers in cooler climates who, through a process know as thermal evaporation, are able to emulate the light fluffy crystals of Fleur de Sel. This process, when used with special pans to evaporate the brine, produces flaky pyramid shaped crystals that are perfect to rim your glass.

Perfect for rimming cocktails and, of course, your favorite Margarita.

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King Floyd's Sriracha Rim Salt

Sriracha Rim Salt

King Floyd's Sriracha Sea Salt blends the mildly spicy, zesty fire of sun-ripened chili sauce with premium, crunchy, sea salt. In addition to the world famous Thai hot sauce we infuse a secret blend of herbs and spices into our salt, giving it a fiery flavor punch.

Add a zesty bit of flame to your Bloody Mary or spicy Margarita with our Sriracha blend. The sea salt melts quickly and evenly, making it perfect for cooking your favorite meat and sea food dishes.

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